I'm sorry, did my karma run over your dogma?

11 May 1979
Oh goody, people get to read about me. Their loss. Let's see...what do people need to know. I like so-called "alternative" music (in the nu-metal/metal/goth/black metal/punk area), particularly such bands as London After Midnight, Bauhaus, The Cure, Fields of the Nephilim, Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows etc.
I like roleplaying, wargaming, computers, and computer games. I also read a heck of a lot.
I'm interested in almost everything, although particularly with what makes people tick, socially and mentally.

I am also variously, a Christian (fairly unorthodox and laid-back, admittedly), a goth (possibly- if not, who cares?), and a Discordian (If you don't know, ask. I guarantee you'll regret it...)

Bobcode: KHCp lW ECSM++ m4 CPEIV B8 Olw LsSm SC+ T+ A7LAT H8o b4 D+ (needs an update)

It's sometimes a little confusing being me...


I corrupted an innocent young man by introducing him to the ways of the flesh. Lots of different ways in fact

-Satan, Old Harry's Game. Or, more recently, ginasketch

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